Thursday, 1 September 2011

Review on lush 'porridge' soap

This soap from lush costs £2.95 for 100g, My friend and I will both give our opinion on the soap, the price of the soap is very good for what you get, as it lasts a long time. 

The soap has oats in it ( hence being called porridge) that once the soap has gone the oats are very exfoliating, you can get the oats just at the top or the whole way through! the texture of the soap we find is creamy but very softening when used.

This soap is like Marmite meaning you love it or you hate it, and i have to say at first i despised the scent and instantly avoided it, but my best friend loved it, so i gave it a go with a sample. The scent grew on me and now i love it. My friend and I agree it does not smell of porridge but infact has a odd scent kinda spicy with oats to us. The only down point is that when you use it on your body the oats can be harsh on your skin overall i would give it 7/10
                                 Beautystar xxx

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